Caine Statham provide a proven system designed to provide home seller’s an edge in today’s market.


Caine Statham is committed to providing unsurpassed service for buyers and sellers, helping to get our clients their best price and making the process as stress-free as possible for both sellers and buyers by ensuring the moisture performance of the home, by providing a 5 Year Moisture Intrusion Guarantee.

This Guarantee protects both buyers and sellers, in the real estate transaction by removing the financial risk of buying or selling a plaster clad home.

Here is our book, it contains principles which can be applied to the sale of any real estate.


The book for getting your home successfully sold!

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Knowledge is power

Caine Statham are committed to having the most knowledgeable vendors in the market. Another insightful book from Real Estate commentator Ray Wood.


More than just selling houses.

The Caine Statham way is unique to the Real Estate world. We have designed a system that ensures every home has an edge when it comes to being sold.

This means that we have an in-house stager, an in-house marketing team and an alliance with a building company—that will not only help prepare your home for market but also guarantee the performance of the exterior walls and decks for your buyers for the first 5 years after they purchase your home.  


Inspection & Preparation

Leave Nothing to Chance

The condition of your home makes a huge difference when it comes to selling it. That is why every single home we list has a building inspection before we take it to the market. Our alliance partner, will carry out the building inspection.

This inspection allows you, the seller, to address any potential issues early and before the marketing process starts. This gives you the peace of mind that there is nothing “wrong” with your beloved home.

Our partners, will assist you in preparing your home for the market. They will arrange a soft wash for the external walls and cleaning of your gutters. Then ensure all fine lines and cracks are addressed.

Registered Public Valuation

Money well spent is well spent

Caine Statham will arrange for a Registered Public Valuation of your home. By using a registered public valuer, the most current information is provided to you, us and the buyers, as to what a realistic value for your home currently is.

A registered public valuation is what most buyers will require for their bank before the bank will arrange mortgage finance for them. So we make this easy for all parties by arranging this to be done before you go on the market and before your purchaser needs to talk with their bank about the level of security your home actually provides the bank. 



First impressions are the most lasting

To present your home in its best light, Caine Statham has their own stager. They will help you get your home ready for the market. Our stager will advise you on what furniture will make your home shine—what to remove and what to add to your existing furniture. Our stager can even stage the complete home if it is vacant. A well-staged home can add 10% or more, to the final sales price, according to the US Association of Realtors.


Risk Removal

The ability to remove purchaser's risk is the key determinant in who will actuallY sell your home at a price both you and your buyer can accept and settle on.

Although Caine Statham have sold your home, we are not leaving it. Our warranty provider, Building Science Ltd, will give your home a 5-Year Moisture Intrusion Guarantee. As Building Science Ltd has inspected your home, they are the best people to warrant the condition of your home. It's one thing to tell someone your home in good condition; it's a different thing entirely to stand behind it, and that is exactly what Building Science Ltd do for your benefit.

Wellington, The Hutt Valley and the Kapiti Coast


Some of the team live in the city, others in the Hutt and on the Kapiti Coast, so that's where we work. Give us a call and put on some coffee—we'll be happy to have a chat. While we cannot promise to list your home, we are always happy to talk.