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Raquel Roderick and James Blake met while working at a Wellington real estate agency in early 2017. With a shared background and passion for filmmaking, and property it was only a short time before they realised they would have to create their own specialist real estate agency focusing on high value plaster properties. As one of the founding members of the Wellington Monoclad Association, Raquel knew from her own experience the challenges home owners have when bring their monolithic homes to the market, and the challenge and fears that some agents from traditional agencies can have, in marketing and selling, what is often seen as a stigmatised property class.

Caine Statham was originally setup in 2014, when Barry Osbourne, a real estate agent. with an extensive insurance background founded Caine Statham to focus on selling plaster homes in the Northern suburbs of Wellington. Barry's still involved today in providing the insurance and risk solutions to Caine Statham and their customers, and holds the title of  One, having been the first agent, and selling the first home using the Caine Statham system.

Caine Statham has had an ongoing relationship with Building Science Ltd to provide the moisture intrusion guarantees for homes that Caine Statham sell.

Building Science Ltd have been providing guarantees on plaster / monolithic homes since 2014, for agents from agencies throughout Wellington, enabling high performing agents to secure the best outcomes for their clients. Building Science Ltd are developers of a CodeMarked solution for testing, remediating, coating and monitoring plaster homes, which is an approved solution under the Building Act 2004. The ability to provide a moisture intrusion guarantee, and the subsequent peace of mind it brings for buyers and banks, has enabled many plaster homes to sell at values many vendors did not think was possible.

Building Science Ltd was established in 2009, as a certified water damage consultancy providing remediation services to all the major insurers in New Zealand. Today, Building Science Ltd, employs their own full time team of LBP builders, specialist painters, water damage technicians and building inspectors.  


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Raquel Roderick

Raquel Roderick is well known in Wellington for the public seminars she has run for monolithic and plaster home owners over the past 3 years, Raquel has always advocated strongly for plaster home owners, and has a sales record to back it up.


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• Best Agents Member
• Licensee in New Zealand and Queensland, Australia
• Licensed Salesperson




James Blake

James focuses on the various facets of real estate sales that revolve around digital media and technology, as well as handling compliance issues for Caine Statham nationally. 


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• Best Agents member
• Licensed Saleperson