Buy your next home through Caine Statham

Caine Statham work for the vendor who is selling the home you want to buy.

However the Caine Statham system is designed to remove your risk and give you peace of mind for whichever house you are buying through Caine Statham.


Firstly, we have had the home inspected by a team of experienced water damage technicians and LBP builders. This team have performed between them over 800 pre-sale home inspections and over 2600 insurance call outs for moisture events for all the major New Zealand insurance companies over the past decade.

Before we bring a home to market, it must pass their inspection, because they are going to guarantee the home for you for the next 5 years after you have purchased it.

selling and staying, not selling and going!

The home is guaranteed for moisture intrusion through cladding and decks. The guarantee means if water enters through these areas, the inspection company will return to site and remediate the leaks at their expense.

wi-fi sensors installed

They install sensors into the wall cavities, and using Wi-Fi sensors that take readings every 5 minutes, they monitor the cladding performance of your new home every five minutes for the next 5 years.

weekly reporting

Yes, you will get a weekly report sent to you by email each week so that there is total transparency on the performance of your new house.

no cost to you

If the sensors indicate an issue, you will be contacted and a water damage technician will visit to assess your home. If required, a LBP builder will turn up to remediate any necessary building work required. This is all at the expense of the inspection company.


the guarantee covers cladding and decks. Any repair work is to remediate all materials involved as “like for like”—there is no opportunity for a reclad unless that is a paid-for service.

Exclusions are:

  1. aluminium joinery
  2. gutters and roofing failures (internal gutters are covered)
  3. “acts of God”
  4. malicious damage - acts of war - vandalism
  5. impact damage - cars, bikes, mowers, sports balls, etc
  6. storm events, flooding and fires
  7. plumbing failures.

The inspectors warrant you are not purchasing a home that is suffering from “leaky home” symptoms

While they have inspected the home, they can not guarantee to detect all decayed timber if said timber is inaccessible for testing.

The guarantee is to insure a home buyer will not be liable for any remedial repairs that a competent water damage technician would be expected to assess and detect prior to the purchase of the dwelling.

It is expected that any new owner is prepared to, and will perform, regular scheduled maintenance, painting, storm or plumbing repairs as required.

trigger for remedial repairs

If sensor readings stay at readings of concern for periods of longer than 4 hours, this will trigger a visit to site by a water damage technician. Invasive testing and possible removal of internal wall cladding may be undertaken at the expense of the inspection company.

If the moisture intrusion is caused by one of the exclusions, you as the new owner will be required to pay for any remedial work undertaken. If the moisture entry is through cladding or decking covered under the warranty, all costs for a “like for like” repair will be covered by the inspection company.

Building Inspection Requirements

As part of the purchase process, you will be recommended to get a building inspection. As you have already read, Caine Statham have engaged the services of an inspection company to assess the dwelling for the provision of the 5-Year Moisture Intrusion Guarantee.

Naturally, you can rely on this if you choose to, but you may want to engage another inspection company of your choice.

All that Caine Statham require is that your inspectors test to the same standards as our inspectors have.

For that reason, please ensure your inspectors are using thermal imaging and have on them a hygrometer when they arrive to test any of the homes we offer.

Failure to do so will mean that your inspectors will not be allowed onto the premises to perform an inspection. This is not a judgement on the technical abilities of your chosen inspection company. Instead, it should be viewed as a commitment to the high test standards required when testing high-value homes that people may have a bias against.

Caine Statham prefer data-driven testing, rather than opinion-based. And as we are entrusted with maintaining the value of our client's home and your potential future home, all parties benefit when rigorous standards are requested and met.

If your chosen inspection company is unable to meet these two testing requests, we can introduce you to companies that can, or we can provide an inspector onsite to assist your inspector in areas they may be unfamiliar with or lack industry training in.