Information for Buyers

At Caine Statham, we are going to protect your interests by providing you with a 5-Year Moisture Intrusion Guarantee. But we still recommend you get a competent Building Inspector to inspect the house for you prior to you purchasing. Here is some information to help you.


Using Infra-Red To Find Out What's Behind The Walls Of Any House.

Here is a short video that in a light, bright and informing way explains why you may want to make thermal imaging an important part of your next home inspection. It's only 2.26 minutes long.


Why Caine Statham Requires Thermal Imaging as part of a Buyer's Home Inspection

Thermal Imaging is not a requirement of NZS 4306:2005 Residential Property Inspection.                                     

That being the case, it is probably going to be a condition of your building inspector testing the home that they have both a Thermal Imaging Camera and Hygrometer to test any of the homes we are taking to the market.


5 Tips To Choosing The Right Neighbourhood

Kiwis love their family, friends, schools and neighbours, so choose the right neighbourhood in the beginning and chances are, you can be happy there for a long time.

5 Tips to help you choose the right place to call your home.