In a world full of real estate agents, Caine Statham come with a simple system designed to get you maximum available market price for your home.

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The Caine Statham Difference

Before any home can be successfully sold or purchased, there are some fundamentals that need to be taken into consideration first—before a home is taken to the market.

  1.  The condition of the home has to be assessed.

  2. The financial value of the home has to be considered.

  3.  The home needs to be prepared for the market.

  4. The home needs to be presented in a way that will encourage buyers to consider it for their next home.

  5. The home needs to be marketed to  interested buyers so they know it's available to buy.

  6. You should want to remove the risk of buying the home for both yourself, your buyer, and their bank.

Those are the principles of successful real estate in a nutshell.


Here's how we handle those 6 steps at CAINE STATHAM.


1. inspection

Firstly, we have the home inspected—before it goes to market. This allows us to inspect, detect and correct any issues that your home has that may make it unsellable or less desirable to potential buyers.

2. preparation

We help you get your home just right by arranging for a soft wash of its external walls, cleaning of its gutters and the sealing of any fine lines and cracks.

3. valuation

After any issues discovered are dealt with, we arrange for a Registered Public Valuation of your property. In most cases, you, the buyers, and ourselves, are not registered valuers. Using a registered valuation gives all parties a professional start point from which to negotiate the final sale price of your home.

4. staging

To present your home in its best light, we will help stage your home. We are told that good staging can add an extra 10% to the final sales price, so that's a part of the sales price we include in all our listings for clients.

5. professional photography

Now that the home is clean, inspected and looking good, we arrange for a professional photographer to take the pictures that we will be using online and in print to show the benefits of your home to all the potential buyers we can reach.

6. building inspector onsite

Now that we have people that want to come and view your home, we will not only have an experienced agent on hand to show off your home to buyers, but we will also have a building inspector on hand for open homes. They will be available to discuss any issues a prospective buyer may have while they are onsite and interested in knowing as much as they can about what your home could mean to them and their family.

7. five-year moisture intrusion guarantee

Plus, that's the perfect time to explain the “5-Year Moisture Intrusion Guarantee” that we offer with all homes we market for our clients.

The 5-Year Moisture Intrusion Guarantee is about Risk Reversal, where we transfer the risk of buying of your home, and with it any related moisture worries, from the potential buyer to our building inspectors.

These are the same inspectors who have inspected your home before going to market and who are the best people to warrant the condition of your home and stand behind it for the next 5 years.

It's one thing to tell someone your home is in good condition—it's a different thing entirely to stand behind it and put your money where your mouth is.

8. guaranteeing since 2015

Our inspectors have been guaranteeing the cladding performance of plaster homes since 2015 and have performed over 800 inspections and assessments on houses from Christchurch to Auckland since 2015.

So, of all the people in a position to assess and guarantee plaster homes, these guys would be up at the front of the line, and that's what we bring to your buyers, and their banks, to ensure they are not not taking a punt on your home.

9. wi-fi sensors underpin the guarantee

Wi-Fi sensors are installed into the walls of your home which allows ongoing daily monitoring of your home, and it is this monitoring that underpins the 5-year Moisture Intrusion Warranty and makes your home a safer and prudent purchase for any interested parties. 

10. not every home can be listed

Checking homes and providing guarantees to the ones we list means we are not able to list every house we are offered. We only bring to the market homes that meet our standards—homes that have been tested by experts and passed a variety of testing systems.  

Listing with Caine Statham shows to the market that your home has been thoroughly tested and has successfully passed our inspectors' standards, bringing peace of mind to both you and your buyers.

11. remedial repairs can be done

If your home is tested and there are things to remedy, these can be done for you, and when rectified, the same guarantee will be applied.

That's what we do, and that's our point of difference.

12.  all done for a fixed fee

We do all this for a fixed fee, and all the inspections, valuations, soft washing and marketing are included in the one fixed price.

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