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Based in Plimmerton, Caine Statham represents plaster home owners throughout the Wellington region and in selected Auckland suburbs. Caine Statham specialises in the sale of plaster homes at their maximum available market price from the preparation of the home for market, to guaranteeing the home for 5 years after purchase. Whether you’re a first home seller or an owner of multiple homes, Caine Statham will not only help to protect the equity you have created in your home, but also Caine Statham will structure a marketing program designed to realise its maximum available market price. Caine Statham bring extensive experience and professionalism to every home and  will customise our support to your individual needs and concerns.

When you sell with Caine Statham, you will not only get a dedicated agent but a multi-disciplinary team at the back end to make sure your home is prepped and readied for the market. Caine Statham are on the pulse of modern technology and media and have monitored these developments to evolve our own sales approaches—all to give you exceptional service and a positive financial outcome.

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At a Glance - 


Caine Statham will have your home inspected and this inspection will include: Thermal Imaging and a full moisture inspection. The inspection will be performed by LBP building practitioners and certified water damage technicians. This is included in the package as standard.


Caine Statham realise that a well-staged home can return as much as an extra 10% in the final sales price for the vendor. So we will take care of any staging that may be required. This is included in the package as standard for every listing.


Caine Statham will have your home valued by a Registered Public Valuer. This is recognised as the “gold standard” in valuations, and what all banks require before they advance a mortgage to any prospective purchaser. This is included as standard in every listing.


Caine Statham realise you are paying us to sell your home. In return, all the marketing we undertake for you is covered by us and not charged out as an extra charge.  This includes: photography, flyers, e-marketing, Internet marketing and all media we do for you.


Caine Statham will softwash your home and clean the gutters while they're at it. We want your home to look its best, don't we? Plus all fine lines and cracks will be attended to prior to your home going to market. This service is included as standard in every listing.

5-Year Moisture GUarantee

Caine Statham perform all of this for a fixed fee, but attractive as it is already, there's more . . . all Caine Statham listings qualify for a 5-year moisture intrusion guarantee to protect the interests of both buyers, sellers and bankers. And yes, it is included as standard for every listing.


We make it easy for buyers to fall in love with your home
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