Building Inspection - written


Building Inspection - written


The pre-purchase  / pre-sale property inspection is primarily to determine the overall property condition.

The purpose of our survey will be to visually observe specific construction components and list our observations which identify the need for current major repair.

Our intent will be to provide you with helpful information on the condition of this property including ballpark cost estimates (if required) of major items for your pre-purchase / pre-sale considerations, or for negotiating purposes.

The scope of the survey will include the building foundation, structure, the building shell (including roof surface and exterior building surface), site improvements (including driveway surfaces and parking),  and visible plumbing equipment.

We would also attempt to evaluate any specific concerns about the property which you bring to our attention.

Additional services can be arranged for additional fees. We can also evaluate specific problems areas, provide maintenance and repair suggestions and provide consulting services during repairs.

We have available to perform the inspection, both LBP builders, and IICRC Certified Water Damage Remediation Technicians.

To date we have performed over 600 property inspections for both buyers and sellers, we provide these services in both Auckland and Wellington.

What will be included is:

1. Visual Building Inspection

2. Survey of the roof

3. Thermal Imaging Survey ( daylight hours)

4. Non Invasive Moisture Survey

5. Internal Environmental Survey

Your report will contain:

1. written summary of condition of the dwelling.

2. written summary of moisture survey, with readings and graph

3. thermal imaging pictures 

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